Friday, June 10, 2011

Slightly obnoxious blog. Sorry. (not really)

Brian and I have been dreaming of our upcoming Australia vacation for months now (only 20 days to go!!!!). While we're very excited about all the diving, koala cuddling, and relaxing we have planned, we've also been dreaming of the things we can't wait to do/purchase because they simply don't exist in China.

Our souvenir wish list:

10. For Brian: socks that fit

9. For me: Jeans. The Chinese genome is enviably missing the hip gene.

8. Sneakers for our behemoth feets.

7. Cheese. GOOD cheese.

6. Vanilla Extract

5. Cornmeal. Oh Cornbread, how we've missed you!

4. Chocolate chips that don't cost $45 for one bag. I'm not kidding! Okay, okay, it was a 5kg bag, but still, that's darn expensive for me to have (sneakily) eaten 80% of the bag!

3. Memory foam mattress pad (we've already located Costco in Melbourne for this beaut of a purchase!)

2. Eat (snarf, inhale, etc.) delicious, juicy cheeseburgers. Lots of them.

So I realize this is a pretty mundane wish list and you're most likely thinking that reading this far has been an utter waste of time.  Fear not.

At the top of our non-touristy-to-do list is:

1. Date night at the movies. 

In English.

No reading subtitles.

But not just any movie.

This movie.

Three days before it's released in the States.




For those Harry Potter fans who are already seething over this, when we get back to China two weeks later, we'll be able to buy the DVD.

For $1.


  1. This is the best blog you've ever posted.

  2. ditto, totally the best blog post.
    omg, seeing HP 7 part 2 early absolutely makes up for all that other stuff!!

  3. Not jealous alt ALL... No…
    Humm… But I have to admit it, both of you deserve a vacation from our China life..

  4. So excited! I've already located ALL the movie theaters in Cairns so we'll be sure to get tickets! And now there's to wonder about for the next few days!

  5. Loving your blog... Fascinating... Enjoy potter you lucky couple!

  6. Love your blog. I have the Hip gene that chinese people lack as well. :) Glad I found this, I'm a follower!- Myra

  7. Hi Myra! Welcome to Ovenless!I'm in Australia now, so just periodically posting photos, but will be back to the blog full time in August.